gem card ° single one

gem card ° single one

Be surprised at 3 RTS events happening on:

° sept. 30th

° oct. 30th

° nov. 30th

You will be automaticilly charged for shipping costs at the checkout, be sure that if you want me to ship out more then once, to add an extra shipping-card in your order.


The amount of bonnets will depend on how many cards I sell, but I'll knit surely a huge pile so you'll have a wide variety to choose from! I'll post pictures of the process in my group. 

I have a pile of yarn that I keep aside since ages while dreaming of launching a gemstone bonnet line. The time has come! I will knit with the flow & let my inspiration of the moment deside what design flows out of my fingers.

The knitted up colors will be greens, purples, yellows, creams, naturals, peach... 

Be ready cause these are going to be ah-mazing! 


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