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Soooo the most of you know me as the face behind 'by Jill Martin photography' &  that's actually how my knit adventure took the start. I started to knit for my own sessions & when you guys started me to ask where I've got my bonnets from I wondered how it would be to knit & see them in other ones work. So the day came that I've decide to knit 30 of my Stone bonnets with a matching wrap & ... here we are, in meantime over 3 years in this beautiful business & I wouldn't trade it for a-ny-thing else. My Stone set will always be my baby & even today it's still my most sold set! Weird to believe. 


I started with stitches I learned in school when I was 8 but I had to start from scratch again to be honest so I did, with YouTube in front of me, hitting the play/pauze button with a world-record. I invested a lot of time to learn the skills in how to offer you a perfect knit. If I look back at my first bonnets I quickly go hide my face but we all start somewhere do we? It's cliché to say but actually pretty funny to take that look back now & then as we always need to remember from where we came. Last year I started to add beads on almost every bonnet I have & I love to have so many pimped items in my shop, it makes them so much cuter. I know you agree on this lol! As I'm a huge alpaca yarn lover my shop is mostly filled with alpaca, & some cotton knits. I can only hope you'll love my items as much as I do. I keep refining them & I'm always open to make some adjustments to make them better.  


As a photographer myself I know how hard it is to get in that frame yourself and it took me 6 years to sign me up for a photo session for me & my son, in 2018 I finally did (with T&O) & I promised myself to treat us yearly with a session. It's not even a treat you know, It's food for our soul, decoration for my house (& heart) but especially memories for later. A word about that decoration, I adore The Original Photoblocks so much & can't wait to fill my walls, already proud owner of some of their gorgeous pieces but I - NEED - MORE.


I've recently moved to Turkey. We have a few cats, a Belgian black lady who is 13yo and 2 little ones, boy & girl. The boy is also black who we will pick up in a few weeks in the Netherlands from The Original Photoblocks lady (I'm dying to carry him close to my heart) & the other little one is a Turkish girl who we saw at the pet & took home. It seems we love nationalities. Oh, & there is a girl hamster too, Turkish.


While moving to another country, I quitted my photography business to focus more on myself & my family again, to slow down a little & absorb more of life, it goes all too fast & I don't want to miss it anymore. Maybe at some point I'll pick up my camera again for clients but for now I only take photographs to feed my soul & to chase memories for when I'm old & sticked to my sofa, messing myself with those shaky hands & my hot chocolate milk. Lol, I really vision it while writing this down, seeing myself with white curls, well ok I always wanted to have curls so I'm pretty cool with that actually.

To go more personally: I just turned 34 & I'm a mother of a son from the Turkish 'brand', he is 7yo & likes to behave like heeeeee ... is 10. Hahaha! I deeply wish to carry a few more little ones with me in the future... I'm a deep feeler so I hug my bonnets & kiss the pictures I see on my phone because everything that is cute needs to be hugged &/or kissed imo. I can adore people's love for each other so much that I feel butterflies. I am a black coffee addict & a nap lover. I have an extremely big love for all old little things that are born before me & I strive to use them in my daily life instead of just collecting them. I love, LOVE little tiny rocks & when I'm at the beach you can find me in my lonely self searching them. I'm an open book, you can discuss everything with me & am rarely, rarely mad at someone. I forgive & forget straight away, I don't carry any hate with me what leads to an inner peace that is the best feeling in the world. I try to bend problems to opportunities what isn't always easy but worth the try. I can't deal people who lead their live in frustration because of that ONE negatieve experience, like, "why do you forget you just had 9 good experiences with it?" My son is also from that kind so I'm doing the best I can learning him to be thank full but especially being hàppy for every thing that comes in life, even the little things, don't take anything for granted. "Be hàppy my child!" On the other hand: My mind is like a mud pool so my dark side seduces me daily to postpone my to do list what I'm fighting every single day. I fail a lot but when I see the new morning light raising in to the sky I try again. I'm overdriven yet very lazy at the same time, I'm either doing it all or doing nothing at all. To end: I stutter by times, especially when I'm stressed out.

Always here to chat with you sestra's, but for now: Ba bay!

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